‘Surrender’ opens with Bono on a gurney in an up-market American medical facility in 2016, eye-balling the physician who’s about to crack open his chest. ‘I have an eccentric heart’, the singer writes wryly, one he spends the guts of a fine, meaty autobiography trying to define. Busy with detail and as rich with candid testimony as it is with relentless name-dropping, ‘Surrender’ is an unpacking of that heart from inside a travelling salesman’s suitcase.   

U2: WELCOME TO THE CABARET The announcements in early January that U2 were parking the release of an intended album and were instead loading their bases to tour ‘The Joshua Tree’ on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of it’s issue, won’t have taken regular watchers of the veteran band by surprise. ‘Songs Of Experience’ had initially been touted... Continue Reading →


‘Well, the Jacks are back. And what an All-Ireland we have for you tonight’. As opening gambits go, Bono’s introduction to the partisan hordes at Croke Park just after 8.30 p.m. on a sticky June evening in 1985 had a familiar peel. Eight years previously, Phil Lynott had marked Dublin’s All-Ireland football semi-final victory over Kerry with... Continue Reading →

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