The A-Z of TBS

Below is a complete list, in alphabetical order, of every post on The Blackpool Sentinel, with a couple of specially selected tunes to break things up as you work your way through …

A House: The Greatest

A House: Local housing authority

A Song for my Mother

Act Local, think local

An Emotional Fish: A Strange kind of Glory

The Beautiful South: ‘Blue is the Colour’

Been there, Zine that, Done that

A Short Message from the Blackpool Sentinel

The Blades

Bob Dylan: Charging of the guards

Citizens of Boomtown: The Rats v Ireland’s Showbands

Brendan Bowyer 1938 – 2020

Squat if? Brian and Setanta Records

Brian O’Donnell & the Orders of the Hibernian

Brilliant Trees: Goldfinglas

Brilliant Trees live in Dublin, 2016

Catchers: Call the midwife

Christy Moore and The Stardust Tragedy

Comet Records Cork

Would you look at the state of us: Music in Cork, 1992

Thanks for the use of the Venue (Cork venues)

A Song for Cork

The Cranberries: The First Review

Crystal from Cork

Cypress Mine: Trash Talk

There’s only two Danny Wilsons

Dave Couse, A House and the Point of Everything

David Bowie: The Cork Years

David Gray & No Disco

Delorentos and the lure of Whelans

The Divine Comedy

Dolores O’Riordan 1971 – 2018

Elvis Costello: taking care of business

Emperor of Ice Cream – Hail to the Chief

Engine Alley: Cool for Cats

Epic Soundtracks, Kevin Junior and Nikki Sudden

Fanning’s Fab Fifty

The triumph of Féile, 1990

Tony Fenton: I am a DJ, I am what I play

Finn’s Corner (Crowded House)

Five guys named Moe: From Canada with Love

The Floors: Get into the grooves

After All and the Young Offenders (Frank and Walters)

The Frank and Walters #1


Songs for the Walking Wounded (Frank and Walters)

Freedy Johnston: Never Home

Why we made ‘The Game

Giddy Up (Rubyhorse)

Gemma Hayes

I was George Martin’s Producer (Pat Kenny / Kenny Live)

The Go-Betweens and George Byrne

The Go-Betweens: A Love Letter

The Harvest Ministers take Dundalk

Hedge Schools Always the Quiet One

Henry McCullough

Has the loss of Sir Henrys Broken the link with the past


The Hitchers

Back to the Glenside with Into Paradise

Jeff Lynne’s E.L.O Live in Dublin, 2016

Holy Joe Chester

Hothouse Flowers: People in Glasshouses

How Ireland Rocked the ’70s

John Prine and the Eldorado Evening

Johnny Marr and the long shadows

Johnny Rep and Ballincollig

Johnny Rogan 1953 – 2021

Aidan Lambert

Larry (Gogan)

Limerick’s Lark in the Park

Lloyd Cole

The Long Fella (David Long / Into Paradise)

Lost in Musik (New Musik)

Lou Reed and the making of Curious

Linger on Lou (Reed)

Lou Reed is Gone

Together Alone: Jeff Lynne

Jeff Lynne’s E.L.O: Live in Dublin 2016

Manchester Arena, May 22, 2017

Mapping Popular Music in Dublin: A Research Project

Mariah Carey & the Hickeys of Cork

Mícheál O Súilleabháin 1950 – 2018

Mick Lynch

Microdisney & the village of Cork

Microdisney: The End

The Mix Tape 2017

The Mirrors and the Corners (They do it with Mirrors / We Cut Corners)

Morrissey in Dublin

Morrissey, Marr and Rogan

Music in the Snow, Snow in the music

Nancy Griffith and The Floors

Nanci Griffith: From a Distance

New Order in Ireland

This is No Disco

Operation Transformation (Fat Lady Sings / De Lacy House)

Paddy McAloon at 60 (Going on 61)

When Paddy McAloon met Jimmy Webb

Pat Fitzpatrick

Paul Simon’s Heart and Bones

Anyone for the Paul Weller Headbands?

Peter Skellern

The many ghosts of Philip Lynott


Power of Dreams and Normal People

Prince: Down in the Páirc

Public Enemy: 30 years on

R.E.M & the lost letter

Revelino: Broadcaster

Our friend, Richie Flynn: 1969 – 2018

The Return of the Rod Squad (Roddy Frame / Aztec Camera)

The Rolling Stones versus Ireland’s show bands, 1965

Ron Sexsmith: Sunday Tribune Review, 1997

Rory & Hermann (Rory Gallagher)

Rory’s Stories (Rory Gallagher)

In the Rock Garden

Ronanism (Ronan Keating)

(Ros) Common People

St Patricks Day: Curated Irish Playlist

The Sawdoctors: Acting the Sham

Sean Lucey of The Dixies

Sean O’Hagan live at the Cork County cricket club July 2, 2017

Self Analysis (Self Aid)

Send out the Snakes: An ode to Flying Nun Records

On an evening in Roma: Serengeti Long Walk & how an old band came good

Siamsa Cois Laoi

Sindikat: The Greatest band to have never played in Sir Henrys


The Smiths and my mother

The Smiths in Cork, 1984

The Smiths in Cork & Dublin

Song for a Friend

The Spice Girls: Creating the Spice

Spiritualized Review, 1997

Squeeze, live in Dublin

Stars of Heaven

State of the Nation, 1983

Steely Dan & the ghost of Perry Como

Steely Dan: Live at the 3 Arena Dublin October 28, 2017

Steve Strange

The Swinging Swine / The Glee Club


Teenage Punks from Planet Sexy Love (Sultans of Ping)


Tales of the Tape

Teenage Fanclub: Sunday Tribune Review

Therapy: Baby Teeth Review, 1991

The Thrills

Toasted Special (Toasted Heretic)

Trashcan Sinatras: Songs for Swinging Lovers

Trashcan Sinatras: Live in Dublin, November 12, 2016

U2 & The Arc

U2, Live in Croke Park, 1985

U2 Welcome to the cabaret

Sound of The Underground

Vincent Hanley’s Absolute Fabulousness

The Wedding Present live in Limerick, November 28, 2016

Whipping Boy: Heartworm

The Wormholes: Tilting at Transcendence

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