Photo : Greg Canty Within the distinctive history of popular music in Cork, it’s far too easy – and maybe even stipulated by order of The Knights Of Cool - to over-look the achievements of the most outwardly successful of all those local bands who entered the fray during the 1990s: Rubyhorse. An easy-to-read, un-fussy... Continue Reading →


  Twenty years ago, when Brilliant Trees were hot to trot, good to go and had just released their formidable debut album, ‘Friday Night’, Dublin were reigning All-Ireland senior football champions and Charlie Redmond, of Erin’s Isle and East Finglas, finally had his just reward. If Jason Sherlock had taken the sport by the throat with a drop of... Continue Reading →

TEENAGE PUNKS FROM PLANET SEXY LOVE Guest post from Mick O'Dwyer, a former Teenage Punk, who now works as a librarian in the European Parliamentary Research Service in Brussels, and is one of the dedicated team behind the Forgotten Zine Archive in Dublin Certain bands are inevitably linked with certain times of your life, and for me the noughties were knotted... Continue Reading →

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