Ladies and
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Spiritualized ‘Ladies And Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space’ [Dedicated Records] ****

 Ten minutes in and it’s easy to see exactly why ‘Ladies And Gentlemen’ is already written up as this year’s defining record. Because in a sphere currently run by mediocrity [hello Cast, Kenickie, Ocean Colour Scene], Spiritualized come on as brave and as brazen as they’ve ever been – a flood of bubbling, treated guitars over strained blips and rumbles. In part arthouse Soft Machine, digital jazz and effect-weary Captain Beefheart, ‘Ladies And Gentlemen’ is difficult to be sure, although no more so than any of Jason Pierce’s previous outings. The only difference this time around being the sheer scope of the tone and the sheer scale of the delivery. Designer-made for Dónal Dineen’s life-affirming, post- midnight treasure-chest, basically.

originally published Sunday Tribune June 1st, 1997

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