Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sexsmith ‘Other Songs‘    [Interscope Records]     ****

Ron Sexsmith is a Canadian singer and writer who, for the sake of reference, follows a line laid by his fellow country-people – Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young. Add to that some of the production values that once set Crowded House apart from the dogs [‘Hello and thank you, Mitchell Froom’] and you’re near to the ball-park.

Because Ron Sexsmith is a sensitive but nonetheless intelligent soul. A soul that misses those primal values like home [‘Average Joe’] and like it reaches for wisdom and forgiveness [‘Honest Mistake’]. But that’s all the time pinned down by a lyrical simplicity/honesty and a hand of near-sublime melodies.

He writes primarily on acoustic guitar [so you have been warned], although he’s far more Freedy Jonhston than he’s Jimmy MacCarthy. Because there is a difference, see. And Ron Sexsmith is it.

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