On St Patricks Day we put a call out on our Twitter asking folk to share their favourite Irish Track. The response, to put it mildly, was fantastic. Most stuck to the brief, as tough as it was, of the one song – some offered up more than one track [one indecisive person offered us double figures tracks …]

We’ve now put all these songs into a playlist. And what a brilliant playlist it is. The playlist contains more than 100 tracks. And what an eclectic mix it is. It has many of the expected favourites but many a lesser known track. And we would like to think if you would like to introduce somebody to the best of Irish that there are worse places you could start…

A big massive thanks to each and everyone of you shared your favourite(s). You have great musical taste.

Happy listening.

The original tweet can be followed here….

A reminder tweet can be followed here…


Add yours

  1. Delighted to see the brilliant The Fountainhead’s Rhythm Method and several Microdisney inclusions (especially the fantastic rare B-side Harmony Time). Just a heads-up though to be my usual pedantic self and say that The Blades’ Hot For You appears twice (which is either an error – or a spectacular gesture of adoration!?) 😉


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